About A Boy

National data identifies that boys are achieving less well than girls across all areas of learning and development by the end of the foundation stage. The early gender differences in achievement reflect a pattern  that can continue into key stage 4. Considering this data, sends out a strong message about equality, opportunity and success for our boys. Boy’s are not less able than girls in anyway, so as childcare practitioners we need to look at our own attitudes and practice. This is exactly what we have done! We have looked at our practices, carried out observations of play and learning and concluded that we would offer more individual support to our ‘boys’. 
This project is about ensuring all children are offered the same opportunities and experiences, but not the same activities, supporting the boy’s to learn and develop in a way that is suited to their learning needs. We will plan and implement activities that builds on boy’s interests and values their strengths as active learners and problem solving. This will involve lots of opportunities to be in the open space and carry out activities on a large scale. All activities will be planned for and will support all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Examples of Activities.
Stick Man Activity - click here
Target Practice - click here
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