Our Baby Room operates from a large spacious open planned room. The room is lively, energetic and very playful yet has a calm feel. It hosts it’s own kitchen, changing area, large movement area and baby terrace.

This space provides children age 6 weeks to 2 years with the opportunities to explore their environment in a safe and secure way.

The team understand that each child will develop on their own individual journey with team complimenting this by following interests, routines and individual family values forming positive relationships with parents and carers.

A strong key person system ensures that each child is assigned a key person and key buddy. Who will form a strong and positive relationship with you and your child, helping your child develop into a confident learner. The key people will change, feed, complete paperwork, observations and interact with your child. The staff are all trained in Tiny Talk, which is a sign language used to help babies communicate when they haven’t quite developed their language skills fully.

The Baby Room compliments the ever changing and demanding needs of the under two’s by providing areas for emotional and physical nourishment, sensory stimulation and sleep.